"A part of being great is emulating those you admire. Powerful women like Sojourner Truth, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Madam C.J Walker, Michelle Obama, and my grandmothers Sheila Glapion and Ella Marie. "I'm creating a legacy, and part of creating this legacy is definitely emulating those who have paved the way, by setting high standards of character and bench-marking new heights of success. There are no limits to accomplishing goals you have, except for the limits you put upon yourself." KJN

Investing in her future and self at a young age, the talented KenjdraNicole began investing in real estate at the young age of nineteen to becoming a successful Licensed Master Stylist and salon owner, with her second salon "Status Beauty Bar & Salon" now open in Atlanta. KenjdraNicole is CEO of The KNL Group; a company that builds brands and caters to the entrepreneur. A Certified Life coach and GSU graduate, holding degrees  in Finance, HR Management, and Business. With a passion to be an inspiration to others, it has allowed Kenjdra to work in the mental health field, counseling, mentoring and changing the lives of multiple young people. 

She has made it a vow in life to always change the lives of those she comes in contact with. KenjdraNicole continues to wow and inspire those around her making it her mission to be a blessing to others in anyway possible. Be it through her organization "Pink Hearts Mentor & Leadership Academy" where she educates and guides our young ladies to reach their full potential in knowing their self-worth in life; or through her empowerment and inner beauty enrichment program, teaching life skills and the art of beauty creativity. With continued business visions and personal self growth, creator of Badd x Bougie Bundles, Kenjdra is now the Founder and CEO of A.Slade’s Heart & Hand Youth Development Services, Inc. A residential child caring institute for youth in DFCS or DJJ custody in GA, with fast plans to expand to IL & AZ. Kenjdra's mission of implementation will make an ever lasting impact in providing alternative solutions for our misguided and mislabeled youth. Kenjdra is a non-stop inspiration and GOAL-getter! 

KenjdraNicole is more than a Master Stylist. She is a woman of substance, a visionary, who believes in a higher power and knows without faith she would not be able to strive for excellence, have accomplished the things she has or have the drive to inspire others to do the same.

“I am PRICELESS not perfect; I embrace my growth everyday as it is beautiful to witness. Thank you to all whom have supported my businesses, assisted in my continued mission or believed in my cause throughout the years." KJN